As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are probably so focussed on what you are “doing” today that you don’t always have the time to focus on growing your profits.

And let’s face it, working with and understanding numbers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s completely okay but avoiding it by adopting an ostrich mentality with your head in the sand hoping that everything will be okay is not the answer. If this is you and you’re doing this then you must stop it now because the reality is that you seriously risk losing your business if you continue to act in this way.

Over 80% of small business owners don’t have a handle on the numbers, which we believe is the primary reason for the exceptionally high failure rate in small businesses globally. So with this in mind, our goal is to help you avoid becoming a part of this nasty statistic by providing you with the tools and resources that you need to eliminate any fear of the numbers you may have and to transform the profits you are making from your business. It’s all about making more profit in less time with less stress.

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Profit Rocket Book Profit Rocket by Kelly Clifford, reveals the five key focus areas to skyrocket your profit. Profit is the aim of the game so if you want to make more profit then you must read this book. Click here for more.
Business Health Check Indicator Our Business Health Check Indicator will help you gauge how effectively you are managing the seven key areas that are important in building an enduring, profitable and successful business. It will highlight and help you improve any areas that warrant further attention. Click here for more.
Profit in Focus Foundation Toolkit You must be on top of your numbers if your business stands any chance of reaching its fullest potential but 80% of business owners ignore this and ultimately fail.  So, we’ve created a seven-module toolkit to help you get up to speed on the seven key finance areas that you need to understand to avoid making many of the common mistakes made in business. Click here for more.
12-month Protege Programme If you want to be making more profit in less time with less stress, then this is an ideal programme for you as it has been designed specifically to help you understand key profit and finance fundamentals and to lay solid foundations for transforming the profit you are making from your business. Click here for more
Profit on the Beach Retreats 3 Profit-Boosting Days of Sun, Sea & Success in January 2014. Exclusive 5 star Profit Strategy Retreats in the Canary Islands. Escape the cold UK winter weather. Click here for more
Profit Discovery Session Options A 1 to 1 Profit Discovery Session with a Profit Specialist to understand where your business is at now and make an assessment of what needs to happen to accelerate the profits you are making from your business. Click here for more
Profit Specialist Tailored Solutions & Retainers Your business is unique, so you need a tailored solution based on on the needs of your business. We offer tailored solutions focussed on the following five key specialist areas. Click here for more.


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