How We Can Help You

We are Profit Specialists and Investors who 'invest in' and 'buy' distressed businesses that are currently experiencing cashflow problems or have an owner/s that simply wants ‘out’.

There can be any number of reasons why you as a business owner would want to work with us to help you ‘fix’ or ‘exit’ your business, which may include some or all of the following 12 motivations for speaking with us:

  1. Probate (death) or because of illness and stress
  2. You want to be free to embrace other interests. It is common for a 7-year itch to happen and  boredom can often set in.
  3. You want more family time
  4. You want a ‘story to save face’ about your struggling business to avoid embarrassment and damaged pride.
  5. You want regular pay due to a change in family circumstances
  6. You have a Shareholder dispute
  7. Your accounts or admin are in a real mess
  8. CASHFLOW issues – for businesses experiencing cashflow issue it tends to become very personal very quickly for the business owner.  You may be weary from having to fend off angry creditors – creditor trap
  9. Insolvency – 1986 Act 123 – This says that if you are unable to meet debts when they fall due then the business is insolvent.
  10. Trading whilst knowingly insolvent means that each additional liability taking on from that point the director may be held personal liable for.
  11. Risk of breaching Directors’ obligations - preferring creditors is illegal and can attract a custodial sentence
  12. FEAR – We solve this! We hand hold you through the insolvency issues

We work with you to find the best solution for the difficulties you are facing in relation to the business and offer you “a way out” from the problems.


We tend to work with owners of businesses with annual revenue of £500K to £5M, which are fundamentally good businesses but are going through a period of underperformance from a profit perspective and are experiencing cash flow shortage related issues because of it.


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