12 warning signs when it comes to your banking activities that your business may be in trouble…

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It would be doing you an injustice to dress this up in any other way. The Number 1 reason that businesses fail is not lack of profit, it is LACK OF CASH

So here are 12 warning signs when it comes to your banking activities that your business may be in trouble:

1. Your overdraft is always at the limit
2. Your bank wants personal guarantees.
3. Your bank has returned cheques and not honoured direct debits.
4. Your bank has refused to increase your overdraft.
5. Your bank always wants more information
6. Your bank refuses to provide a Loan when they have previously.
7. Your bank has asked for facilities to be reduced.
8. Your bank wants to introduce forensic accountants.
9. Your bank is requesting increased security.
10. Your bank wants to increase personal guarantees.
11. Your bank wants security against your own personal property.
12. Your relationship with the bank is becoming more strained   

The KEY to survival is to act sooner rather than later in addressing the issues.

Don’t act like an ostrich with your head in the sand about it. The longer you leave it, the worst it will be and the less time you will have to potentially turn the situation around.

Not letting your pride or ego stand in the way of getting the right help at the right time is key to navigating any troubled waters.

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We tend to work with businesses with annual revenue of £500K to £5M, which are fundamentally good businesses but are going through a period of underperformance from a profit perspective and are experiencing cash flow shortage related issues

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