Kelly CliffordHi, I'm Kelly Clifford.

I'm the best-selling author of Profit Rocket and founder of Profit in Focus Ltd.

I’m a fully qualified accountant with over 14 years experience and from both working as a Finance Director for a number of businesses and from interacting and working with 100s of business owners, I have a real awareness of the struggles that many face when it comes managing the finance side of their business.

For many years I suppressed my inner entrepreneur, justifying that the timing wasn’t right. What I realised was that the timing is never completely right so I made a bold decision in early 2011 to resign from my role as Finance Director and set up my own company, Profit in Focus Ltd. I gave up a six-figure salary in the middle of, arguably the worst recession in living memory, to embark on this new initiative. Some said I was crazy to be doing it, but the tremendous passion I have for what I do compelled me into action. 

Profit in Focus is dedicated to equipping business owners the tools, resources and support you need to better understand and better manage the finance side of your business with the emphasis on helping you to make more profit in less time with less stress. We are known for helping small businesses to rapidly accelerate your profit growth and our mission is to leave you feeling INVINCIBLE.

"Profit in Focus is a real, honest and genuine reflection of my open attitude to business, which is one of professional integrity and commitment. Let’s face it, being in business is not easy with all the challenges and obstacles that any business faces, especially in the current economic climate, but I am committed to ensuring that clients of Profit in Focus receive the quality and personal service that they deserve and that we work together to help ensure that the maximum potential is achieved for each business through “out of the box” thinking, pushing boundaries and driving profitability. Knowledge and expertise is power!"

You may well visit this website and decide that Profit in Focus is not for you. My response to this is that I sincerely “Thank you” for taking the time to at least stop by and I wish you every future success in both finding exactly the resources you require and in achieving a profitable outcome for your business.

Best regards

Kelly Clifford

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