Our Unique 5 Stage R.A.P.I.D. Process

We have developed a unique 5-Stage R.A.P.I.D. Transformation process that we apply to every business we work with. R.A.P.I.D. is proven to get results fast!

Here's an overview of what's involved:


This stage is all about discovering the reality of what is going on in your business and understanding what your priorities are for moving forward.  There is no judgment on you here at all. The reality is what it is but we need to know the extent of what we are facing together. Everything we discuss here will be used to help collaboratively shape the best solution to help you achieve the outcome you are seeking.


If we can mutually arrive at a deal that works for us both, then we agree to the proposed solution and sort out some very easy and non-onerous paperwork.  Our aim is to keep the paperwork to a minimum and as simple and unambiguous as possible therefore avoiding any unnecessary professional costs. We want to make the process as painless and smooth as possible for you.


We either work with you if you are remaining in the business or undertake these activities alone if you are ‘exiting’ the business. Either way, we have a toolbox of strategies we apply in a proven and defined 7-step sequence that gets the intended results. This stage is all about getting some breathing space for the business from its creditors so we can address the issues and stabilise the business in a structured way.


Once the cashflow of the business has been stabilised, this is where we look to build on that foundation and transform the profitability of the business through the application of our Profit Accelerator Formula involving more proven strategies from our toolbox.


This stage is all about looking at the business strategically and determining the best steps for achieving maximum value for the business whether it be a full or partial sale or implementing a comprehensive growth strategy to scale the business further in a profitable way based on the right foundations and processes to help prevent the likelihood of the problems faced repeating themselves.


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